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As rinks continue to open across the country, hockey is returning and will be back for the 2023-21 season stronger than ever.

To continue the #HockeyIsBack celebration, we invite you to renew your membership as a player, coach or official or join USA Hockey in one of those categories to be automatically entered in the USA Hockey Welcome Back To Hockey Giveaway for a chance to win awesome prizes!

Giveaway details, including prizes and official rules, can be found at


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Looking for a pick-up game?  Or how about registering your kids for a new team?  Look no further as we can provide a complete list of USA Hockey sanctioned organizations near you!



  • Hockey Continues to Thrive in Louisville

  • By Stephen Kerr 07/29/2023, 8:30am MDT
  • Partnership with University of Louisville has helped boost youth hockey growth
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  • By Dan Scifo 07/30/2023, 9:45am MDT
  • A four-time world champion, Matheson is looking forward to making her second Olympic appearance
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  • Meet Your New District Coaches-in-chief

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  • Q&A with Cosmo Clarke of the Rocky Mountain District and Mike Mulligan of the Southeastern District
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  • Plans For Upcoming Junior Hockey Seasons Present Challenges, Excitement

  • By Ryan Williamson 07/31/2023, 7:40am MDT
  • After their seasons came to an end abruptly in March, the process of getting players and teams has begun with significant work being done by the league’s leaders
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USA Hockey Officiating Program Update

By USA Hockey 08/03/2023, 5:45pm MDT

Dave LaBuda and Scott Zelkin talk Zero Tolerance Policy and Virtual Seminars

It’s an off-season that continues to be full of changes, reactionary and planned, as all of us in the USA Hockey Officiating Department forge forward in the new normal. Our efforts are consistently focused on ensuring safety, fun and development for players, coaches and officials.

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This sub-committee was established to define and recommend programs to confront this problem. As a result of this, a first step was taken at the recent Annual Congress to amend the Zero Tolerance Policy. Several proposals were made and adopted by the Board of Directors to constructively confront this problem. 

These changes strongly recommend things like game officials introducing themselves to the coach during warm-ups in order to start the communication process and set some guidelines for in-game communication.

The parents/spectators section was amended to clearly state the behavioral expectations of this group. Another strong recommendation added to this section was to establish a parent/spectator monitor by each local youth hockey team for all games. Ideally, this monitor will address and de-escalate parent/spectator behavior before it impacts the game and the officials have to stop play. 

Also added, a reminder to administrators that they are responsible for taking any appropriate disciplinary action towards parents/spectators that are removed from a game as a result of a violation of the Zero Tolerance Policy.

Navigating New Norms

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Every Tuesday, the Officiating Education Program will present an hour-long webinar on various topics of interest and importance to not only USA Hockey’s officials but the entire membership. These panel discussions will cover topics such as abuse and zero tolerance, communication, player safety, as well as items such as game management and positioning within the three recognized USA Hockey Officiating systems. Panelists will include some of the top officials in the country and other experts from the hockey world whose goal will be to inform, entertain and encourage the USA Hockey community to learn more about officiating.

Mentor Project

Getting officials from their first year to their third season is a key focus for the Officiating Education Program. Helping officials understand the basics of the craft and giving them a supportive resource is what the Mentor Project is all about. USA Hockey is helping local Officials Associations put together the framework where a mentor gets matched with a new official and works with them not only in their first month or second, but is a constant resource for the new official throughout their first couple of seasons. Learning about how to read the rule book, navigate the challenges of getting assignments and become a proficient official are all goals of the mentor project.   

Again, we hope everyone is safe and sane as we prepare for a different landscape of hockey – but we are excited to welcome it, and you, back to the game.

See you at the rink!

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By Ryan Williamson 07/31/2023, 7:40am MDT

After their seasons came to an end abruptly in March, the process of getting players and teams has begun with significant work being done by the league’s leaders


By Ryan Williamson 07/31/2023, 7:15am MDT

The junior league has held its annual combines with success while also adhering to local and state guidelines.

Family Matters: Support Helps Matheson in Golden Career

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By Stephen Kerr 07/29/2023, 8:30am MDT

Partnership with University of Louisville has helped boost youth hockey growth

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By Greg Bates 07/24/2023, 10:15am MDT

Kids are back on the ice in one hour blocks of time

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